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How To Determine The ARV for a Property

what is the arv for the house

Understanding how to determine what the ARV is the most important skill you can have a real estate investor. This is Dave at F8 Real Estate Pros I buy and sell properties virtually using just my laptop and phone to close deals fast. I need to be able to find the ARV for a property […]

Do You Need a LLC for Real Estate Business?

One of the questions that I get on forums and via my email all the time is, “David do I need to create an llc to buy houses?” The short answer is No. You can buy a property in your name with no problem. But, My thought process has always been, if you are going […]

How To Calculate Repairs in Minutes as a Real Estate Wholesaler

In this video, I am going to show you how to use our repair costs worksheet to quickly know what your repair costs will be when wholesaling a real estate deal. Think As a Real Estate Wholesaler —- Not a Rehabber I am a wholesaler and not a rehabber, so coming up with the repair […]