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Purchase & Sale Contract

After you and the seller come to an agreement on price. It’s not a deal until you have a signed Purchase & Sale Contract with the seller. The Purchase & Sale Contract will the rights rights and obligations of both the buyer and seller.

How Does The Purchase & Sale Contract Work?

The purchase agreement documents the terms of the transaction discussed between the buyer and seller. Included are the purchase price and the closing date, two of the most important items in any real estate purchase. The amount of money the buyer places on deposit, also known as earnest money, is defined in this agreement as well, and this money should be placed in an escrow account until settlement.

The parties involved in the transaction may wish to spell out items included with the sale of the house, such as appliances and window treatments. Items expressly not included, like a washer and dryer, for example, may also be stated by the seller.

Since you are buying the property all cash, you can use the same Purchase and Sale Contract on 90 to 95% of your real estate wholesale deals.

The Purchase and Sale Agreement in our Contract Pack has special due diligence and time frame clauses that work in all 50 states. The contract is in editable so you can modify the contract to fit your needs.

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Assignment Agreement

An Assignment contract is an agreement between you and another investor. The assignment agreement allows you to assign the contract that you have for a property to another person or entity for a fee.

How Assignment Contracts Work in Wholsaling Real Estate

Let’s say you get a property under contract for $18,000.00 and the ARV is $140,000.00. Repairs are $30k. You turn around and try to sell the contract a buyer for $45,000.00.

Your assignment fee on this deal will be $27,000.

Remember the buyer will see your $27,000 assignment fee on the assignment agreement. This may not be a problem, but some buyers will not like the fact that you are making so much. They may threaten not to buy the deal unless you lower your assignment fee.

To stop this from happening you can use a different type of assignment agreement that only shows the total purchase price for the property. This price will include your assignment fee.

In the example above you would just add the price you have the property under contract for, whis $18,000.00. Plus you fee of $27,000.00. This totals $45,000.00 which is the sales price you will put on the new assignment agreement.

This way the buyer does not see your assignment fee.

EXPERT TIP: You bring value to other investors as a real estate wholesaler. You spend money and time on marketing to find properties that the typical investor could not find. This is why you deserve your wholesale fee.

In this contract bundle, you get both types of Assignment Agreements.

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Joint Venture Agreement

A Joint Venture or Co-Wholesaling agreement is where you and another wholesaler agree to market the property that you have under contract. Typically if you have the contract, the co-wholesaler will provide a buyer. You and the Co-Wholesaler will split the assignment fee.

How Joint Venture Agreements Work

In a Joint Venture or Co-Wholesaling agreement is where you and another wholesaler agree to market the property that you have under contract. Typically if you have the contract, the co-wholesaler will provide a buyer. You can split this however you want to. We typically do 50/50 splits of the wholesale fee. So if the wholesale is $10k, each of us would get $5k a piece.

Joint Ventures can be very profitable, since you are only doing half the work…But, you need to be doing business with the right joint venture partner.

In our Joint Venture Agreements we have a special time frame clause, which states that the joint venture partner has a certain amount of time to provide a buyer that agrees to purchase the property.

This time-frame clause stops the problem from not being able to sell the property quickly. If you are relying on the V partner to bring in a buyer and it is taking them too long. This can a problem for you because you only have a certain amount of time in your contract with the seller to close on the property.


You get this special Joint Venture Agreement in the Real Estate Contracts for Wholesalers Kit.

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Free Bonus #1

Wholesale Fee calculator

You also get the Wholesale Fee Calculator. With this easy to use spreadsheet, you will be able to instantly calculate the cash offer to the seller and determine your wholesale fee.

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Free Bonus #2

You will also get the Repair Costs Worksheet.

Save Time & Money

As a real estate wholesaler you need to know the repairs costs on a property so that you can determine your cash offer to a seller.


With the Repair Costs Worksheet you will be able to quickly know what the repair costs will be when wholesaling a property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. These contracts have been used in all 50 states. The contracts use standard legal clauses that have been approved by lawyers. You still need to do your own due diligence and consult your own lawyers if you need to.

Yes. You can edit the contracts in the kit. We provide them in Microsoft Word format and you can use goole docs to edit the contracts also.

Please see the price below on this page.

Yes, You can print the contracts. The contracts are in the Microsoft Word and Google Sheet Formats. Once you edit them, you can print them out.

You can use the Assignment Contract. You will Assign the contract that you have with the property seller, to your buyer.

Yes, you can open it with Microsoft Excel. You can also use Google Sheets or Numbers for Mac and IOS.

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