We provide the tools that makes being a Real Estate Investor easier.

Find Out How Much Money You Will Make...Fast

Once you have a motivated seller you need to know if the deal is going to be profitable and you need to find this out quickly. A standard formula used by investors to figure out what your should be to the seller.

70% of ARV - Repairs - Wholesale FEE

We have a handy Wholesale FEE Calculator that you can use to quickly do this for you without having to do any math.

Know What The Repair Costs Will Be...Quickly

You don't have to be a contractor to know how much it is for repair costs. But you do need a general understanding of what repairs will cost. Use our handy Repair Costs Worksheet to easily know what the repair costs will be when calculating your offer to the seller.

Use The Right Contracts To Secure The Deal

One thing is for certain, a deal is not a deal without a contract. We provide the contracts that we use to secure every real estate wholesale deal that we do. These contracts can be used throughout the United States to close thousand of deals.

Attention Real Estate Wholesalers

Get The Contracts That Helped Us To Secure $458,393.00 in Wholesale Profits in Less Than 6 Months

Learn What’s Included & Save Money

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The Wholesaler Fee Calculator

With this easy to use spreadsheet you will be able to easily calculate what your Cash Offer should be to a seller.

We also include this in the Real Estate Wholesaler Contract Kit. 

In this video Dave the REI Guy will show you how to use the Free Wholesaler Fee Calculator to generate thousands of extra $$$ dollars for your Real Estate Wholesale business.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You get the ARV from running comps for the property. You can get the comps from places like zillow, icomps, realestateabc, the MLS, as well as others.

To get the repair costs you need to find out the going rates for repairs in your area. Some people have a contractor take a look at the property and give an estimate. But as a wholesaler you will have get a good Idea on repair costs by looking up rates or asking rehabbers questions.

Yes. The contracts have been gone over by our lawyers and are approved to be use throughout the United States.

However you should let your lawyer look over the contracts to make sure.

We do not garauntee the contracts will work in all states.

OK, now this is a science, and it varies from market to market. Most people use the rubric ARV x .70 – Repairs -Wholesale Fee = Max Offer. This is a great starting point, but again, each market is different and some markets are more aggressive, so you can push the envelope a little.

Our Wholesaler Fee Calculator does the calculations for you.

Please use that as a starting point.

  1. If you have the property under contract, work with local wholesalers that have experience. You can find them by Googling “sell my house [your city] fast.” Post your deal on places like craigslist, facebook marketplace, and other online real estate sites.
  2. Other wholesalers will have a buyers list, and they will be able to handle the disposition for you. It is my experience that finding a buyer is not the issue because as long as you have a great deal, anyone will either buy it or help you sell it. Take advantage of our Joint Venture Contracts if you do a deal with other wholesalers.

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