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    Course 3 Paid

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    Real Estate Wholesaler FEE Calculator

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    The Wholesale Fee Calculator is a spreadsheet that you can use everyday to easily determine what your All Cash Offer will be to the seller. It determines your cash offer from the ARV, Repair Costs, and your Wholesale Fee. By entering these numbers into the calculator, you should always turn a profit on each deal.

    FREE BONUS: You also get the Repair Costs Worksheet, that allows to quickly know what your repair costs will be when wholesaling real estate. Watch Video Below?

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    Real Estate Contracts for Wholesalers – Plus Bonuses

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    If you are looking to deals as a Real Estate Wholesaler you will need to close your deals fast with contracts that work. With the contracts in the Real Estate Wholesaler Contract Bundle you will be able to confidently get your deals under contract with sellers, buyers and real estate joint venture partners with ease.

    With this Wholesaler Contract Bundle you also get two FREE Bonus Items that makes closing deals even easier…See what’s included.

    1. Purchase and Sale Agreement with Due Diligence Inspection Clause.
    2. Assignment Agreements (2 Types)
    3. Joint Venture Agreement
      (this JV agreement has a time frame clause that the JV partner has to find a buyer within).
    4. FREE BONUS #1:?Real Estate Wholesale FEE Calculator
    5. FREE BONUS #2:?Repair Costs Worksheet

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