How To Use

This easy to use real estate wholesaler calculator will let you know instantly how much you should offer a seller for their property. The calulator uses the traditional 70% rule, plus we added the offers at 65% and 60%.

STEP 1: Enter the After Repair Value (ARV). This is the amount that you can sell the house for after it is renovated. The ARV is determine by recent sales of similar properties in the nearby area. To learn how to get comps read this post.

STEP 2: Enter the estimated repair costs for the property. You can get these costs by doing a walk-thru of the property and noting what all needs to be repaired. example (roof $8k, flooring $3k, bath $6k etc.). You add up all the repairs and enter that number into the Estimate Repairs box.

STEP 3: Enter your Wholesale Fee. Only you know how much you want to earn for providing the property to another investor. It may be $5k, $10k, $20k, more or less.

The great thing you can play around with the numbers and instantly see results. Enjoy and share with others.