You Can Now Determine Your CASH-OFFER in Seconds with the Wholesale FEE Calculator…

Two of the most common questions that we get asked from other real estate wholesalers is…

1: How Do I Determine What Cash Offer To Give The Seller?

 2: What Should My Wholesale Fee Be?

As real estate wholesalers, we understand that determining the cash offer to give the seller, and making money on the deal can be difficult. This is why we made this easy to use spreadsheet.

The Wholesale Fee Calculator is a spreadsheet that you can easily use on your computer, tablet, or phone and be able to quickly determine what your cash offer will be to the seller. It determines your cash offer from the ARV, Repair Costs, and your Wholesale Fee.  By entering these numbers into the calculator, you will always turn a profit on each deal.

Watch Now: Learn How To Use The Wholesale FEE Calculator

"This is simple yet powerful at the sametime. well worth it"
Micheal Grey Jr
Mike's Houses 4 Sale

The Wholesale Fee Calculator Helps You To...

Save Time

No more using complicated time wasting formulas just to come up with a offer.

Give Confident Offers

You will know if the deal makes sense or not within seconds

Know Your Profit

Instantly know how much your wholesale fee can be, and what your offer to the seller should be.

Make Offers Fast

You will be able to make an offer instantly over the phone, email or in person

The Real Estate Wholesale Fee Calculator pretty much takes the thinking out of making profitable offers to a seller once you know the after value repair (ARV) and estimated the repair costs.

Bonus Content

You will also get the Repair Costs Worksheet

This handy spreadsheet is a quick and easy way for you to determine the repair costs when you are wholesaling real estate.

Watch & Learn how to use the Repair Costs Worksheet below

Save Time & Money

Get both the Wholesale Fee Calculator & Repair Costs Worksheet and start earning more in your Real Estate Wholesaling business today

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